F u e l  c o n s u m p t i o n   m e t e r s 

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Econotest Engineering have been manufacturing on-road fuel consumption meters since 1987. Suitable for almost any make/model of vehicle whether petrol driven or diesel and with test data given in imperial (US and UK) and metric format. In the region of 3000 units sold all around the world.

As the implication of vehicle emissions in general continue to form an ever greater part of the environmental debate, the general topic of fuel consumption has once again been pushed to the forefront in the mind of today’s responsible motorist. 

In order for us to play a vital role in the global fight to reduce carbon emissions we have to ensure that the choice of vehicle we drive is a logical amalgam of safety, economy and environmental probity. 
But do manufacturers fuel economy claims always match up to the reality of every day driving? 

Are the stated fuel consumption figures, obtained in controlled laboratory conditions, achievable on the open road?

Often there is the need to prove or disprove the point.

With this in mind, Econotest Engineering present a totally new and technically advanced fuel consumption meter - Econotest Omni - which will enable the user to obtain detailed and highly accurate on-road fuel consumption data on virtually any make and model of vehicle, whether a small passenger car or a 40 ton commercial truck.

Econotest Engineering are represented in Europe via our own liaison office in Frankfurt, Germany and we are in the process of searching for sales outlets in the US. For other markets we ask you to contact us either if interested in the product itself or if you are interested in becoming a distributors for Econotest.